Thursday, May 6, 2021

Battletech in the burbs.


Not all trees are pretty and symmetrical.

lol, not until I put them on a map did I realize that these two aren't orientated quite the same as the other, larger buildings.

As is illustrated here...

Whelp...these took a lot longer than I thought they would, but in the end I'm rather pleased with them. All of the buildings are numbered for potential objective purposes. These add a good bit of line-o-sight blocking terrain. 

There are several geometrically shaped greebles to add visual appeal I guess. As such I painted them in a variety of bright colors to break up the grey and in hopes of looking like a housing developer's idea of a 'happy place to live'. 

To the trees!

Wait, one of these is not like the others...

A close up of the Heavy Tracked APC lurking above that I painted recently.

I also based 15 trees/shrubs to serve as light forests. Basically any hex within the outline counts as light forest. Plus a few shrubberies to complement the buildings. I'm sure I'll add more foliage bases to this collection in the future. 

All of it together, adding a lot more blocking terrain to what I had previously. 

The ubiquitous Battletech Baxter pic. If the table top comes off, he has to be right there to get in the way...

Tentatively I have a game set up for tonight, so hopefully I'll have a battle report to post here in the near future.  


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    1. Yes, yes we do! I played Screech last night, and these new buildings got in the way many a time!