Monday, May 17, 2021

Finally painting some Mechs!


In homage to the now hidden blue resin that this was printed in, the ruins on the base were painted blue.

Call sign: Yankee.

As promised in my last post, I painted up my Enforcer that took down the executioner with a lucky headshot. It seemed dumb to leave out it's lance mates, so they're in progress too...well, most of 'em. The Charger, deserves paint  for sponging a hideous amount of damage whilst refusing to simply die. However it's destined to go with The Buffet Assault Group, and as I lack their primer color currently, it remains in the mini case. Instead it was replaced in the lance by a Hunchback HBK-4SP. 

One of these is not like the others...

The Vallejo camo beige that these are all base coated with is anything but opaque. Thus, three successive coats were needed to achieve a consistent opacity. Thus whilst they were drying, I painted up a Clan Wolverine Zeta Galaxy Hoplite. This is a conversion to represent the Operation Klondike era HOP-4Cb, which is armed with a gauss rifle and SRM-6. I also painted up a base of motorized infantry to match which took no time at all. 

Stomping it's way thru the underbrush...

That yellow is such a bitch that I only added the accent stripes across the top side.

These are technically 10-ton wheeled APCs, but they're Savannah Master sized, so I used them as motorized infantry.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Those Bloody buildings are in the way again!


Great, it can't see anything...again!

My buddy Screech came over Thursday night and we played an 8k point game of Battletech. I was surprised that he agreed to such a low point limit (locally that's the norm, but most of the time we're all fielding Inner Shpere mechs) as I knew he wanted to use his new shiny clan mechs which tend to be hideously expensive. 

Nonetheless he agreed and we played a straight up kill each other game pitting my Federated Suns force (probably the Chisholm's Raiders as they lack of coherent color scheme which matches my style) vs. his Nova Cats. Here's how it all went down...

The battlefield. The two central, forested areas at the top and bottom were all 'light forest'. Also of note is the Duncan Davions corporate headquarters (for this planet) surrounded by ample tank-scaled parking.

My Davion force consisting of a Charger CGR-SB (my commander), two Enforcer ENF-4Rs with the Blue one dubbed 'Yankee' and the grey one 'Rebel', a Jagermech JM7-D, and lastly a heavy tracked APC and  heavy mountain infantry platoon as filler (my army totaled 7999 points!).

Screech opted for the 'That Guy' list consisting of a Dire Wolf Prime and an Executioner A. Clocking in at 195 tons between just the two of them...all of my pilots, troops and vehicle crew collectively wet themselves at the sight of these monsters! There were enough points available to round out his list with a point of small laser equipped Elementals who would ride on the Executioner.

My right flank just after the first turn's movement. Turns out my Jager was a single hex out of range, damnit!

On my left side, the Charger lived up to it's name and ran straight into the jaws of hell!

On the far left, the APC was slogging thru the forest in hopes or remaining both hidden from view and uninteresting to the enemy assault mechs (and it was mission accomplished!).

Turn one saw the charger shoot poorly, maybe scoring a lone large laser hit, whilst being savaged in return! It's a good thing it has 40 points of armor on the CT, because Screech ground thru 35 points of it in one volley, whilst also scoring 2 engine crits! At least it managed to stay on it's feet!

Not to ignore the rest of my force, Rebel also drew some fire taking a pair of clan LL hits as well. Whereas my return shooting was largely ineffective

What would a bat rep be without a pic of Baxter getting in the usual?

The Infantry dismounts (still within the forest) and it's participation awards for everybody! Seriously, aside from some wandering around in the woods in subsequent turns, this is all the infantry platoon would accomplish in this game.

Turn three....would be the turning point in the game! Up until this point things had predictably gone badly for my force as they desperately fought these two monsters. However Yankee managed a to hit with it's AC-10 and then made a lucky location roll of box cars, putting that AC-10 round right thru the head's canopy! 

2 Crits were rolled, destroying the life support which was irrelevant as what was left of the pilot was splattered around his cockpit as well! With a groan the mech toppled over into the nearby building and it's accompanying shrubberies, scattering elementals all around (slightly wounding 2 in the process). 

Aww yeah! Yankee is now #1 on my painting queue!

In what would become a reoccurring theme, my Jager's line-of-sight to the Dire Wolf was blocked by the intervening buildings. Thus preventing it from actually doing anything. Again. As usual.

Ironically, using these buildings as cover hide behind was largely the reason I purchased them in the first place. Unfortunately it turns out that that was a double edged sword.

In the following turn Yankee would suffer that same fate, rendering it unable to support the Charger which was again being savaged by the Dire Wolf.

Whilst the Charger fires what lasers it's heat sinks will allow (given the engine hits), it and Rebel engages the Dire Wolf, which sponges all incoming fire with no apparent ill effect! 

The Jager meanwhile blazed away into the Elementals missing with virtually everything, fucker. Whereas the Elementals themselves started chewing on Rebel. 

The Dire Wolf then closed in for the kill, whilst my force closed in to surround the beast. Hell even the little APC that could even came flying in, machine guns blazing (spoiler alert: it missed). 

Rebel wanted to flee, but wouldn't in front of Yankee which had already proved itself my MVP! Basically everything pounded the Dire Wolf from all directions, chewing thru armor and inflicting an engine crit (from Rebel) and taking out a heat sink (from Yankee). 

In return the Jager took it's first hits of the game, the Charger's 2nd large laser was disabled and one of the Enforcers took a hit I think as well. Seriously, that damned Dire Wolf has waaaay too many weapons on it! 

At this point we called it as the hour was getting late and we both had to work in the morning. Had I been paying attention to the time I'd have fired another large laser on the Charger, heat be damned. However I'd only fired one plus the medium to bleed heat for the next turn. Oh well. 

We called it a draw as we weren't sure how the chips would have fallen had we gone another round. Having alpha struck, taken an engine hit and suffering the loss of a double heat sink, his Dire Wolf was cooking at 11+ heat! Likewise his Elementals were out of SRMs. 

On my end, the Charger was almost a heat neutral mech once again having lost 2 large lasers, however it was beat all to hell, and most any hits not on the head or left leg would have just gone straight into the internals. The Jager was fine, the Rebel Enforcer was in fairly rough shape though, whereas Yankee was still fit for active duty without need of much repair. 

Still, it wouldn't take much to drop the Charger and Rebel with no guarantee I could finish off the Dire Wolf at the same time. So a draw it was. 

Fun game, and I'm looking forward to the next. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Battletech in the burbs.


Not all trees are pretty and symmetrical.

lol, not until I put them on a map did I realize that these two aren't orientated quite the same as the other, larger buildings.

As is illustrated here...

Whelp...these took a lot longer than I thought they would, but in the end I'm rather pleased with them. All of the buildings are numbered for potential objective purposes. These add a good bit of line-o-sight blocking terrain. 

There are several geometrically shaped greebles to add visual appeal I guess. As such I painted them in a variety of bright colors to break up the grey and in hopes of looking like a housing developer's idea of a 'happy place to live'. 

To the trees!

Wait, one of these is not like the others...

A close up of the Heavy Tracked APC lurking above that I painted recently.

I also based 15 trees/shrubs to serve as light forests. Basically any hex within the outline counts as light forest. Plus a few shrubberies to complement the buildings. I'm sure I'll add more foliage bases to this collection in the future. 

All of it together, adding a lot more blocking terrain to what I had previously. 

The ubiquitous Battletech Baxter pic. If the table top comes off, he has to be right there to get in the way...

Tentatively I have a game set up for tonight, so hopefully I'll have a battle report to post here in the near future.  

Friday, April 9, 2021

The residential district


Here we see a Hetzer wheeled gun 'in the wild' and praying for the blind deployment rules that we don't use here locally...

I'm still here, not dead just nothing happening on the Battletech front for a good long while. That said, Steel Warrior Studios is moving to a new location and hosted a sale in hopes of having less stuff to physically move. I took them up on the offer and picked up another small set of terrain. 

Shoo! Go away! Don't look at me!

This is not the mech you're looking for, move along, move along...

These residential buildings will make for an interesting little warren of close quarters, urban warfare. Listed as 'slums', these new buildings will give my little spaceport something it desperately needs: residential housing, retail shopping would be good too (I'll get to that in a minute...). They're all capable of blocking mechs, my Urbie especially as you can see, and the tanks simply disappear behind them. 

Note the Dunkin logo is still in the wrong spot here.

These will likely replace the vast majority of my tiny little MDF buildings which all too often end up being knocked about the map, often getting in our way as players rather than functioning as obstacles for our mechs. that...

The centerpiece of this purchase is that galaxy spanning, food processing retail empire we all know and love: Dunkin Davions! Yeah a note on that...initially I thought the Dunkin Davions sign was to go on top of the building, so braced it in that position. Only until waiting for it to dry and get all good and solid did I consult the website and see that it's placed across the front of the donut. 


Oh well, its fixed now. No idea as to when I'll get another game in, maybe after these are painted but hopefully before. 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The latest...repaints?

Watching idly as someone is bathed in nuclear fire...

Well okay, the Flashman isn't a repaint, but those two Whitworths are. These are painted now to serve as  former SLDF mechs who stayed behind and post-exodus, turned to the mercenary life (tentatively named 'Battle Rattle'). These three aside however, all else is still quiet on the Battletech front. I did get some more 3D printed mechs, but am waiting on bases so they're just kinda sitting in a little pile at the moment.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Battletech 3D printed tanks > the official metal ones


The new arrivals.

Yup, I've been buying and selling minis again. My previous, resin cast Bulldog tanks were sold off and replaced with the above forces (which, ok...cost a bit more than the 4 that I sold). 

The out-going lance. 

The Bulldogs above came from Steel Warrior Studios and like the title says, they are far better than the official minis (which is like dropping the bar on the floor...). My biggest complaint with these SWS Bulldogs was their turret attachment design. The turrets dropped off of the hull whenever touched which was quite annoying. The new(er) Bulldogs seems to be better though that remains to be seen till they see the table top.

I'm really tempted to BUY MOAR!!!

However I then found the Bulldog tanks above (the two larger tanks in the middle) and opted for those instead. Along with them I bought a pair of Hetzers and a pair of twin-medium laser/AC-2 Scorpion light tanks as well. I don't have pics of them on hand, but from this same ebay seller I've also bought a pair each of Vedettes, missile carriers, and a lone Demolisher II. All are excellently printed and of the highest quality. Honestly, I can't recommend any other 3D printed tanks over these!

Now I need to order more bases from Gamecraft for these and a few 3D printed mechs that are somewhere in transit. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Clash of the Clans

Kitties ALWAYS roll box cars!

Screech came over and we had a fun, 12k game of Battletech. He was running an understrength star of Nova Cat omnis: 

Shadow Cat Prime with a 3/4 pilot

Shadow Cat A with a 3/4 pilot

Mad Cat Mk II 2 with a 3/5 pilot

Nova S with a 3/4 pilot

I was running a slightly understrength Mixed Binary from Hell's Horses Eta Galaxy. My list was as follows:

Piranha with a 4/4 pilot

Puma H with a 3/4 pilot (Binary commander)

Crab CRB-27b with a 5/4 pilot (The 5 due to being such an ancient and obsolete mech which is no doubt well passed it's prime, especially in terms of proper maintenance.)

Hoplite IIC with a 3/5 pilot (Custom made clan built Hoplite with 10SHS, Hag 20, LRM-5 w/Art. IV, AP gauss rifle, CASE, 5/8 movement and same armor as the original.) 

Marauder C with a 4/3 pilot

(2) Laser Elemental points with gunnery 5

Clan Foot Infantry point with Gunnery 4

Clan Pike with a 4/5 crew

Clan Demolisher with a 4/5 crew. 

As the Nova Cats are (quote) 'opportunists' and Eta Galaxy is more or less a dezgra unit, zellbrigen would play no part in the following battle. Here's my photo recap:

My deployment. Forgoing the use of 3-dimensional terrain as we got a late start, we used my 'canyons of death' map. The plateau/canyon walls are all level 4 and the few black objectives in the middle were level 1, though we pretty much ignored them. Note: The pike on the left was a top one of these plateaus.  

Screech's deployment, we opted for starting out corner to corner to keep the ranges long, though in and amongst the canyons long range is more or less a moot point. 

As such the first few turns were spent maneuvering at high speed in an attempt to get a clear line of fire. The Pike parked atop it's plateau and it's crew summarily fell asleep, taking no part in the game. I lacked any jump-capable mechs, so it's job was to shoot anything that went for the high ground with it's 5 ultra AC-2s. Not much of a threat, however I'd imagine that Screech is still smarting from his Catapult taking heavy fire and summarily falling off of a level 3 building last spring. Thus, he never landed up on a plateau effectively taking the Pike out of the game due to never having any lines of sight.

Turn 3 finally saw some gunfire as our leading elements arrived into the open. My Marauder put an LPL shot into his lead Shadowcat, and the Crab put a few lasers into the Nova. In return the Nova and Mad Cat began their thorough attempt to dismantle the crab, punishing it heavily right out of the gate. 

The Piranha added to the din though without connecting, however my Hoplite hit the Nova with it's LRM and HAG-20, inflicting moderate damage which included (2) separate head shots! Shortly thereafter one of the Shadow Cat's would pummel the rear armor of the Hoplite, going internal though not scoring any crits. This would be the majority of the damage the Hoplite would suffer all game.

The following turn saw the moment we were all waiting for: The Piranha unloading with everything into the Nova (though the fucker torso twisted ruining my hopes of shredding the thin, rear armor). The lasers took a few chunks off, but the real fun was shooting all twelve MGs! Only a few hit, but it was still fun if a bit laborious.

As the scrum in the middle continued to to play out, my Puma backed up into cover to deploy it's cargo of toads. Screech's Shadow Cat Prime moved to outflank prompting a torso twist followed by a cinematic firing of both heavy large lasers, 1 at the Shadow Cat and the other at the Mad Cat. Only 1 hit though I don't recall which target it was.

Screech's Shadow Cat A rounded a canyon wall and unloaded into my Marauder, ignoring the Demolisher right in front of it. Bad, bad idea...

One MPL, and AC-20 slug, and about a dozen bits of AC-20 buckshot later, and the entire side torso exploded due to an SRM ammo hit! 

Still running...the poor foot slogging infantry never fired a shot the whole game, or even came into view of the enemy. However due to excessive running in the desert heat in full combat gear, we both assumed casualties from physical and/or heat exhaustion were many.

Ah yes, the inevitable visit from this world's mega-fauna. No doubt attracted by all of the commotion of battle. Baxter decided to aid my forces by blocking off the principle avenue of escape for Screech's stricken Shadow Cat which was being harried by the piranha. Speaking of, in just 2 turns the Piranha burned thru more than 10% of it's ammo, lol.

Baxter. watches approvingly as one of my Elementals puts an SRM into the head of the Shadow Cat Prime. A heavy large laser blast along with the elementals' SRM fire would knock the mech from it's feet!

The Nova moves in to try and finish off the beleaguered Marauder, inflicting heavy damage and hitting the UAC-5's ammo, which tore the entire side off of the mech! Speaking of, my Crab on the other side of the field was still standing but so heavily damaged that it likely resembled legs holding up a bunch of garbage!

In return the last round to leave the UAC-5's barrel pasted the Nova's pilot, taking out the mech! With the Nova down and both Shadow Cats heavily damaged, Screech ran up the white flag, much to the relief of my Crab and Marauder pilots, whose mechs were both on their last legs. 

All in all a good game! I was pleased with the performance of the Puma, Demolisher and and Hoplite especially. Though the crab ought to get a thumbs up purely for the resilience of the mech. My Elementals only one fired 1 volley each, however it was my first time ever using them and they did nicely. The new models also look fantastic which is a plus! 

On the down side, the Pike was poorly positioned and never fired a shot and I'm thinking that the Marauder may go into Inner Sphere service as I wasn't too impressed with it in this game. Mainly due to ridiculous overheating issues. I mean seriously, two turns to cool off, WTF?!?